Oh where has all my bandwidth gone?

Too many hits (good thing!). Site taken down for now (for a while it seems).

    04/06/05: Wow, the hits just keep coming! ~14k on this URL alone and ~18k hits on http://roto.omlette.net/ in the past 6 days! (Oh and ~33k hits on http://homepage.mac.com/ablack6596/PSP/) Thats on top of the 6GB of traffic from 03/26/05 to 03/27/05 on mozy.org (thats how it died...after two days!) and God knows how much traffic on the other mirrors. Oh and ~5G of redirect traffic from fumanchuu.com/pspdev/ .
I'm surprised people still care (or have just recently found out about this).

Just a note: there will be no updates on this "discovery"...this page will not be a "PSP dev source" of any kind...so if you check back daily you won't see much of anything.
So in closing, thanks to everyone for the kudos and thanks for looking. Now stop eating up my bandwidth so I can post more pictures of my pet monkey!

Thanks to Omlette for becoming the spanking-new main mirror host and taking the brunt of the hits.

Main Mirrors:

http://www.fumanchuu.com/pspdev/ Thanks FuMan. .com damnit!
http://www.psphacks.net/content/view/123/2/ Thanks Pikoro.

Slightly older mirrors (same basic concept, not updated):

Remember, it came from mozy.org.
                                                       - roto

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