How to get a PSP game for Half Price! (Legally.)
            A step-by-step tutorial on how to get $39.99 games for around $23 each.

    EB Games ( to find a store) is running a trade in deal where you trade 3 PS2/GC/XBOX games and get one "free" PSP game (the list is small, see below, only Sony published titles).
You can combine used games from different systems, like one GC one PS2 and one XBOX game is fine. All you pretty much have to do is pay the taxes. Read on.

BE WARNED: The "exclusions" list (games you CAN'T trade in) is GINORMOUSLY HUGE (13 pages), here it is:

This offer ends April 10, 2005. I have a pic of the AD and the games you can get right here:

Click on the pic for a larger image!

    At the THIS TIME (as of 03/18/05),  GameStop and GameCrazy are running a deal where you can get 3 USED games for $20+tax! So basically you get the third game FREE.
(GameCrazy if I recall only lets you buy $9.99 and up used games for this deal). I could only find games in the $8-9.99 dollar range that were going to work for the deal, so you won't be able to buy like those $4 sports games that every store has a ton of. But still, ~$22 for 3 used games that get traded for a brand new $39.99 PSP game is a GREAT deal!

    Link to GameCrazy's store promotion deal ( DEAL ENDS MARCH 27th (03/27) ):

    GameStop's website doesn't look like it has anything about the promo (I did a quick scan), so check with store again. I only found out about     their deal as I was walking up to the store and they had a big banner up there.
    I find that GameStop stores have cheaper games that work for this trick and they typically have a larger selection. Make these your first priority.

* List of games that I successfully traded in: (as of 03/18/05):

    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X (GameCrazy, Value game or not) - $9.99
    Resident Evil: CVX (GameStop, yes again) - $9.99
    Spiderman ONE The Movie (GameCrazy, 1, not 2, 1; also value or not). - $9.99
    Spiderman (GameStop, again, I did it twice, so can you!) - $9.99
    JamPack Volume 11 - $2.99 (Vol.11 only...and you'll have to see if they'll take it...they caught on to this demo disc thing QUICK...just be persistent and tell them that since it's not on the list they should try scanning it in to the computer).
    Jak & Dexter (GameStop, the first Jak & Dexter, all others will work too) - $9.99
    Jak & Dexter (GameStop, yet again!) - $9.99
    Cubix Robots for Everyone (GameStop) - $9.99
    Half-Life (GameCrazy) - $9.99
    Top Gun (GameCrazy) - $9.99

    SSX Tricky (GameCrazy) - $9.99
    Zoo Cube (GameCrazy) - $9.99
    Whirl Tour (GameCrazy) - $9.99
    Big Mutha Truckers (GameCrazy, double check this one yourselves, please) - $9.99
    Ribbit King (GameStop, wtf is this?) - $8.99
    Ribbit King (GameStop, yet again) - $8.99

    Pulse Racer - $7.99 (GameStop)
    Pulse Racer - $7.99 (GameStop again)
    Silent Hill 2 - $9.99 (GameStop, they might ring you up wrong on this; I was charged $12 and almost walked out when I noticed the price.)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 - $9.99 (GameCrazy, pretty rare I found only one)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 - $9.99 (Again.)

Got a game you want to add to the list? Tell me in #psp @ EFnet (nickname: roto)

Traded in 21 used games (acquired from GameCrazy/GameStop) at $20 for 3 used games. Total Spent = $140 ($80 cash and $60 cash).
       Got 6 PSP games (TM x 2, WP x 2, Gretzky, NBA). Valued at $240.
       Got $20
credit at EB for accessories.

* How to do it:
Go to GameCrazy/GameStop and buy the games above or games that are NOT on the exclusions list. Take the games in to EB and tell them (make sure you TELL them) that you want the 3 games for one PSP game DEAL. And thats it. They'll ring you up for a PSP game full-pay presell (their terms) and....YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY TAXES!
(Usually like $2.90 or something) You will need to fill out a little info about yourself like name and address, but thats obviously for marketing purposes (don't fake it if you're paying with a card, duh!).
    If they say they can only give you trade-in credit for the game, it means the game is on the exclusions list...DON'T DO IT! Its a huge ripoff. Also, I printed the entire 13-page exclusions list and not once did I get a question about it...just don't make it too obvious that you're doing "this". And DO NOT FORGET to take off the GameCrazy/GameStop price stickers off of the boxes!!! Don't make it so obvious, PLEASE!  Finally, try not to get 4 or 5 of the same PSP game, thats really suspicous. 2-3 is ok if you say the're for a "friend" :) Thats it! Good luck!

* What to do if you don't want any of the games on this list or want another game? READ ON!
Do the steps above, get a game that you don't want like the NBA one or something, then wait a couple of days and return (or go to a different store) and STRAIGHT UP EXCHANGE the game for either a different game or store credit! It's THAT easy! Just make sure you DON'T OPEN THE FREAKING GAME! (Duh) And tell them that you lost the receipt. If they guy at the counter recognizes you...heh..tough shit! Just say that you changed your mind and instill the "The game is still sealed." point into his head. EB has a policy of giving store credit to unopened games, so this works out great! If they say no, go to another electronics store (Best Buy/CompUSA/CircuitCity/Target/Wal-Mart) and exchange there.
* What to look out for:
    I went around about 3 different GameCrazy's and 2 GameStop's and finally 2 EB's in order to complete all of this (In the end I got 1 Wipeout Pure, 3 Twisted Metal's, and a $20 credit because I stupidly asked for Darkstalkers without seeing the ad and they did as they were told [remember this offer doesn't work for Darkstalkers]). I'm not done yet, as I might be doing this for some friends too.
    If the people at EB start saying things like "Weren't you at the XXX store yesterday?" Just be straight up with them and say YES! They can't do anything, you're doing this legally and legitemately. There is no law that says you can't buy from one source and sell to another source. And the EB offer does not state "limited quantities" or "limit X per person". If they start saying like "My boss doesn't want me to take this game" or something to that effect tell them that since it's not on the EXCLUSIONS LIST (mention that a couple of times) there is no reason why they can't take it.  Try not to be rude about it, but be firm. Pretend you're at a car dealership. And, again, remember to double check the exclusions list. Thats pretty much all I can remember right now.

This is confirmed for USA residents only. Your success in Canada may vary.
On a final note; I do not guarantee anything. Your success may vary. I do not claim anything. Do not hold me accountable for anything.

Made by roto - 03.18.05

#PSP @ EFnet