Me (roto) browsing the Web with my PSP.

Wipeout Pure's "Download" section is a full-featured WEB BROWSER! Here's proof:

Here's what you'd typically see if accessing that option from the PSP (I snarfed this image while packet sniffing):
BTW, you can't access the URL that this browser seeks directly using any kind of PC browser.

Here's me browsing my own stupid quickly created page:

Here's how links work (you can move left and right and hit X to go to the links):

Here's how you go back to the main page:

Here's another link:

And here's every geeks favorite... SLASHDOT!:

Proof by roto/mozy (I just found out this has been already done before...but not announced....oh well..don't mean to step on anyone's toes.)

Full writeup of how I did this is coming soon...lets just say it involved FreeBSD, BIND, and a LOT of packet sniffing and rebuilding...those of you that understand that already know how I did what I did. It was easy once I figured out what the Wipeout browser was seeking (/wipeout/US_holding_page.jpg). Basically I sniffed the packets that the browser was seding out and receiving. I then fired up my own DNS/HTTP servers and redirected the PSP's access to my data. I changed the PSP's default nameservers to the one on my LAN. Etc, etc.

Forgive me for the sucktacular HTML and ugly pics/'s 3am and I wanted to finish this up today.

Small (10mb, 3min) video of this stuff in action:
Find me in #pspdev @ EFnet.

Created 03/26/05  - 2am